Real Mom Real Life - Fear and Vulnerability

“Feel the fear and do it anyway.”

When was the last time that you did something that scared you? Scared you to your core. Made you think...what would people say about me? What would they think if they knew this about me?” Am I a horrible person for feeling this way? I can only be myself in front of this small group only. If I put it on the internet it will live there forever, what if I don't want this shared down the road? All those thoughts can keep us from walking in our purpose, living in your truth. Once you know and are clear on who you are - it comes through so naturally that you no longer feel like you have to wear a mask with friends, and another one at work, and with family, etc. Now I am who I am every day, with everyone and anyone. It is fulfilling and I want everyone to unlock that for themselves. 

I have been compelled to do a podcast for a long time. But that fear in my mind would whisper, “but everyone else is doing it, what makes you any different?”

Sidebar: Don't feed your imposter syndrome by researching what others are doing and getting engulfed in all the ways your voice isn’t any different. At first, I was like I want to be a motherhood coach, so what do people charge for this? So I went on to google it and yes, there are a lot of other people doing this, and charging a lot more! This discouraged me for a bit. Now I just do my thing, and if other people are doing it better than me, well then good for them. And if they aren’t doing it better than me than I hope those people who need the service find me instead. 

I share that story with you because I was in the middle of creating my podcast and I was like...uhoh I need a title. What should I title it? Then I googled to see if some of my ideas were already taken. Then I came across all these motherhood podcasts and I was like….damn, what makes mine any different? Then that little fear voice took the loudspeaker in my mind and said maybe you don't need to be doing this, so I paused working on it for a few days. Then one-day inspiration hit and I found the name and finished the description and launched it! It came from within me, I asked myself for the answers and let my body do its thing and give me the answers on its own time. 

So the moment of truth.

My podcast is titled, Vida de Madre con Mari Vega. That was very intentional, I needed to set the tone by putting it in Spanish. Vida de Madre means Life of a Mother. I wanted it in Spanish because I felt our Latina sisterhood needed more representation. While motherhood probably looks similar across all ethnicities, I wanted to be intentional about creating a space for Latinas. I want them to have a platform, and while I am open to mothers of other backgrounds coming on the show, I want to make it a safe space for women of color. I do not believe in removing those who aren't of color, they are welcomed in my space and that is intentional. 

So what is your podcast about?

Well, it is about the raw, delicate, and vulnerable truths of pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding, working motherhood, and conscious parenting. Listen in for some insight & inspiration while nurturing your motherly instinct along the way. 

What makes my podcast different? 

I close my segments with inviting guests to shoutout to the universe what they need, what question they need an answer to, what their next step is, etc... Before motherhood, I was a networking queen, with 6 degrees of separation everywhere I went. I always connect people and wanted to create a platform for these amazing mama’s to ask for what they need so that listeners can connect the dots for these women. 

I am beginning to be super intentional with every action. Such as, shopping from small shops, and investing in Latinas. I am obsessed with making sure I empower women in every way possible. In the meantime, I keep running into clothes that speak to me. My shirt today says golden, and hello #breatsisgold! 

Motherhood is so hard, employers should be like “Wow! You are a mother, we need that energy here.” I know how to multitask, get creative, negotiate with toddlers, keep a household, while maintaining your life, and marriage. All this emotional labor with being a parent and maintaining a work-life, relationships, etc. Moms are amazing!!! I have created this platform to share their stories, ask for what they need, ask listeners to connect the dots, bring their needs to a higher vibration so the universe can deliver. So, what are you waiting for? Go stream it on Spotify or Apple Podcasts! 

Marilys Vega