I am a single mother, and Marilys has been a great support system on this journey. When moments of uncertainty creep in on whether I am being the best mother I can be, Marilys is the first person I confide in. She always reassures me of just how far I have come and how great of a job I am doing .
— Glickman Colon
The first time I reached out to Marilys I was in the hospital after giving birth and was so nervous because I did not feel or see any milk coming out and my baby was hysterical! She came to my rescue right away teaching me how to properly get my son to latch and encouraging me not to give up. Thanks to her I had the most beautiful breast feeding experience with my son. Through all my ups and downs (including mastitis) she was always by my side to help guide me through it.
— Kenia Nicolas
Breastfeeding my son was not an option until Mari served as the ultimate example of what a breastfeeding mother would be. I come from a family that did not believe “breast is best” because formula was just enough. I didn’t see or have anyone that would show me the importance of breastfeeding yet alone how to. Mari came to my rescue months before the birth of my son. She empowered me to believe that I was capable of breastfeeding by constantly reassuring me of my mommy strength. She gave me helpful tips on what I should buy to be prepared, and once my baby arrived she was my backbones to continue breastfeeding. Because of her, becoming a breastfeeding momma was a non-negotiable for me and my husband. We thank her for always being there for us when we needed reassurance, knowledge and most importantly understanding.
— Karina Hernandez
As a first time father of a newborn, parenthood can be a daunting and overwhelming experience. I thank Marilys wholeheartedly for being there for us during moments of distress and showing me ways to be helpful. I’m no longer a “useless nipple” as my wife use to say. Happy wife, happy life.
— Lewis Cabarrouy
I am a military spouse stationed far enough away from family and close friends, that when I gave birth to my daughter I did not have anyone to turn to with questions about my breastfeeding journey. Sure, I read the blogs, followed groups on Facebook, etc. But all of that was so impersonal and hard to keep up with all the conflicting results, suggestions, and ideas. I was introduced to Marilys, and she has been a godsend! She assured me that everything I was feeling and experiencing was normal and that no matter what, I was still doing a great job. I nursed for 18 months with Marilys being my champion support system! Ready to do this again with baby number 2 and Marilys by my side!
— Erica Thomas